V3 and is pleased to announce the USA as our latest Tourism Exchange territory, and our collaboration with Miles Partnership, LLLP to bring our Tourism Exchange platform to the USA, branded TXUSA.

Consistent with V3’s global growth strategy, and Tourism Exchanges operational in other countries, V3 and Miles Partnership have agreed for Miles to become V3’s exclusive on-ground territory partner for the entire US market. TXUSA will be a single national platform for all US tourism suppliers, distributors and destinations.

TXUSA is unique in its capability to bring all segments of the tourism industry, including accommodations and activities of all types and sizes, all e-commerce enabled, into a single marketplace, accessible by all styles of distributors: international, domestic, hyper-local and niche. The aim is to work with all US tourism suppliers and Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) and help create ‘smart’ destinations across the US to strengthen their competitive position in the new digital tourism age by increasing their international and domestic reach, selling to a broader online audience.

Miles Partnership’s President & CEO David Burgess said, “Miles is excited to become V3’s Territory Partner in the US. Our ongoing research and proven experience in the US tourism market reinforces our belief that this industry is ready to embrace and apply the unique advantages that the Tourism Exchange platform can deliver. We see an enormous opportunity for the Tourism Exchange to help accelerate the US’s domestic and international tourism recovery as we emerge from the Covid pandemic.

TXUSA will be a game-changer for all domestic US tourism suppliers, and the hierarchy of US State and city destinations, looking to more effectively engage with, and capitalise on, the digital tourism economy. We are excited to bring Tourism Exchange to the United States of America.”

V3’s CEO Shane Crockett, said “it is a thrill for V3, and great asset for our Tourism Exchange model, to work with such an experienced, capable and forward-looking company as Miles Partnership. We are excited to begin our journey in rolling out our ground-breaking Tourism Exchange platform across all of the USA, and its destinational tourism markets.

Coming to the USA is the next significant chapter in V3’s story of developing unique technology and innovative and geographic territory-based business models that supports the global tourism industry embracing and capitalising on the opportunities presented by the new digital tourism paradigm.”

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About Tourism Exchange

V3’s Tourism Exchange platform creates a tourism marketplace which enables the real time exchange of live inventory between suppliers and distributors with secure transactions across all categories of tourism products.

Tourism Exchange gives connected destinations and distributors unique access to live ecommerce enabled inventory, for all types of tourism products, and the associated data to stimulate state-of-the-art digital marketing.

Suppliers of tourism products can present live content, price and availability, to an array of online distributors, for travel consumers to book, pay and confirm in real-time.

Distributors of all types, sizes and business/payment models can access a wider range and depth of bookable tourism products, via an easy integrated connection to Tourism Exchange.

Destinations have a single cost-efficient content, distribution and ‘smart’ marketing ecosystem. Showcase destination experiences, combining product, points of interest and experiences within built tools to create and manage marketing campaigns with direct conversion. Delivering the data needed to understand the supply and demand dynamics of their markets.

About Miles Partnership

Miles Partnership is a strategic marketing company focused exclusively on travel and tourism.

Miles works with more than 130 DMOs, hospitality businesses and other tourism partners across the US and abroad. The company mission is to enrich lives through travel by positively impacting communities and travellers with client-focused, results-driven solutions.

As a full-service agency dedicated to the travel industry, Miles has a deep understanding of travellers and the products, messaging and media that drive visitation. Miles’ in-house capabilities, industry experience and market-specific expertise helps travel and tourism businesses give voice to their community and drive increased visitation and economic impact.

About V3

V3 is a leading technology company for the travel and tourism industry.

V3 develops and implements its leading-edge digital tourism technology platform, branded Tourism Exchange, that delivers innovative marketplaces to countries focused on developing and digitizing their tourism industry. V3’s Tourism Exchange business model and technology solutions focus on optimising supply, distribution, destination digital marketing capability and big data to help drive tourism related economic activity in cities, states and national territories.

One of V3’s primary objectives is helping large, mid-sized, small, and micro tourism operators across all tourism segments compete equally, fully engaged in online marketing to drive bookings. And for destinations of all sizes to boost their digital profile, engage with travelers and stimulate their local industry


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