What We Do

Creating the world’s only real time marketplace technology open to all types and categories of tourism suppliers and distributors.

V3’s Tourism Exchange technology and innovative, geographic territory-based, business model creates an ‘open’ and ‘commercially neutral’ industry-wide distribution and marketing platform that is ‘booking system agnostic’.

It is open to all booking systems, PMSs and distributors that want to connect. It is ‘neutral’ in that it accommodates whatever commercial model the connecting booking systems or Distributors employ. As such, Tourism Exchange offers the only platform solution that allows Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) to digitally market their entire tourism industry under a model that is commercially neutral.

Tourism Exchange is a sophisticated digital marketing platform for the entire tourism industry

Tourism Exchange:

  • Connects tourism operators of all sizes, to big distributor sites plus myriad other unique channels boosting the visibility of destinations and operators to the market.  
  • Enables distributors to access supplier’s booking systems in real-time, to show live marketing content, rates and availability. 
  • Delivers travel consumers a wider range of product options, more personalised experiencesand secure payment.  
  • Captures rich data on every transaction.

Implementing the Tourism Exchange platform in a territory (nation, region, or city) allows Destination Management organisations (DMO) to take strategic leadership over their tourism industry. DMOs gain powerful digital marketing capability and new insights through big data collected by Tourism Exchange.

Tourism Exchange allows Tourism Boards, DMOs and Suppliers to market and distribute their inventory with ease, to better serve stakeholders and effectively efficiently translate their travel proposition to consumers.

  • Improving visibility and control of global inventory.
  • Facilitating rich data. Live and unique marketing, consumer and booking data.
  • For consumers to check availability and book, pay and confirm in real-time.
  • GDPR & PCI DSS compliant.
  • Continually updated to meet all compliance requirements.
  • Available to all suppliers in travel & leisure – of all types & sizes.

Tourism Exchange for Suppliers - our model

For Destination Management Organisations

A turnkey solution for businesses within travel, enabling multiple benefits in todays digital environment.

DMOs can deliver increased national tourism revenue by; 

  • optimising their policy and marketing strategies,
  • understanding the effect of campaigns in real time,
  • forecasting and accelerate growth,
  • measuring ROI,
  • establishing more industry partnerships,

Tourism Exchange for destinations and DMOs means:

Higher margins across the industry

Transparent pricing, better relationships and higher margins.

Smart destination suggestions

Track consumer touchpoints before and during travel, engagements and analytics to improve services and make recommendations.

Upsell and cross sell

Set-up and integrate consumer profiling with the opportunity to up-sell additional services to increase traveler spend.

Better manage over-tourism

Analyse real-time dispersal data across responsive maps, track over-tourism and capacities with first-hand BI to address adverse over-tourism and sustainable capacity.


Allows destinations to actively enable conversion via a single solution.

Better dynamic strategy

Collates crucial data to monitor real-time performance of campaigns and strategies, ROI enhaninge decision making.

Catalyst for new product development

Helps push new, and innovative product, adding variety to the market.

Automation improves efficiency

Automates previously manual processes and streamlines business processes.


Easier for DMOs to play a bigger, smarter role in stimulating local and international travel.

Tourism Exchange for Destinations explained

Better Supplier access, data and management for DMOs

Tourism Exchange has a range of high-quality ‘deep’ API integrations to suppliers’ booking systems that allow DMOs to easily provide access to rich data from accommodation, tours, ticketed events and attraction businesses. Tourism Exchange has the most comprehensive, sophisticated, and easy to use supplier and distributor management tools designed for DMOs to efficiently and cost-effectively market their destination.

What DMOs are saying

Visit Britain
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With the Tourism Exchange Great Britain model, we have led our industry to embrace broad distribution, ecommerce and digital marketing.

DMOs have enthusiastically engaged with TXGB, activating their websites for digital marketing and supporting their local suppliers in ecommerce
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DMOs across the Prefectures are embracing the capabilities of Tourism Exchange and starting to reap the benefits.

Never miss a booking

The specialist booking system created for any micro/small tourism product supplier.

Rezobx is a cloud-based online booking system and marketing distribution tool that helps micro to medium size tourism operators manage inventory ranging from holiday homes to boutique hotels. Rezobx has a separate application for tours and activities.

With Rezobx, tourism operators can distribute their available holiday home, rooms, or activities tickets to the most popular online channels as well as local tourism outlets. Attract and process online bookings instantly, automatically manage  availability calendar in real time across all distribution with Rezobx.

Because Rezobx runs in the cloud, operators can access Rezobx anywhere, anytime, through any web browser to manage your booking calendar, view guest information, and keep their availability current, no matter where you are or what device you prefer, including a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Rezobx is always there, always safe, and always up-to-date.

Rezobx has deep and robust connectivity with Tourism Exchange and can be marketed in territories where the Tourism Exchange platform is established. Rezobx has a small monthly fee and success-based transaction fee.