V3 is reinvigorating tourism through digitalisation, and seamless automated connectivity between inventory supply and consumer demand.

 Facilitating access to instantly bookable, unique tourism products and experiences, and data-rich strategic decision-making.

Tourism Exchange delivers
better access to tourism markets

We create access to markets by connecting the supply and demand sides of the travel and tourism industry through our proprietary business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) platform. Smart technology that delivers all categories of product and destination content, distribution and marketing solutions and support, including booking systems, campaign capability, data and other services. 


Backed by years of industry research and expertise, Tourism Exchange creates a marketplace for the full spectrum of participants in the tourism industry. V3’s Tourism Exchange brings locally connected supply and demand clients, of all types and sizes, together in a digital marketplace to trade travel products. It helps all types of travel businesses maximise their online exposure to deliver more bookings, by connecting to the world’s best network of traditional, and new, alternative, distribution opportunities.

Data analytics

The platform facilitates, captures and applies unique data analytics enabling tourism suppliers to farm bookings directly to their own channels.


Tourism Exchange connects booking and inventory management systems used for all types and sizes of accommodation and activities businesses. Open to all players, from micro to small, to medium to large travel suppliers and distributors, Tourism exchange leaves no tourism business excluded.


V3’s Tourism Exchange technology delivers an all-inclusive destination marketing platform that connects tourism suppliers to any, and all, local, domestic and international markets.

Tourism Exchange framework explained

Our Products

Tourism Exchange creates a sophisticated marketplace for the global tourism industry. It presents the opportunity for destinations and suppliers to grow their market and share by accessing more audiences and increasing revenueThe Tourism Exchange platform is built to connect tourism any supplier whatever their existing booking system and irrespective of their size or category, to both larger OTAs like Expedia, Viator, CtripAirbnb, Booking.com, and TripAdvisor, and hundreds of unique alternative ‘niche’ channels

Customising the Tourism Exchange platform

V3 deploys a customised version of the exchangeplatform in territories with a local on-ground partner, networked with the local tourism industry. Tourism Exchange iscurrently powering tourism in Australia, branded TXA, Indonesia (TXI), UK (TXGB),  Japan (TXJ) and United States (TXUSA).

Never miss a booking

Manage accommodation and activities bookings with Rezobx

Rezobx is an easy-to-manage accommodation booking system and, separately, a booking system for activities (tours, attraction, events) businesses that are micro to small to medium sized. Its deep integration to the Tourism Exchange platform automates distribution and real time transactions (bookings) to a vast array of travel websites including DMOs, destinations, niche and other alternative channels, plus all major OTAs.

Our partnerships

V3 has established partnerships with numerous leading Property Management Systems, Booking Systems, Destinations, Distribution channels and suppliers. Any tourism business can join Tourism Exchange through a direct connection with their existing system. 

V3 has a business development alliance with Black Diamond to bring our Tourism Exchange platform to countries, and their destination management organisations, around the world.

Consumer facing brands we work with

Has established relationships with numerous leading B2C brands. Any business promoting or selling travel and tourism products to consumers, can join Tourism Exchange through a direct connection with their system.

Our Profile

McKinsey’s re-imagine the global tourism economy and highlight Tourism Exchange

“Governments can bridge the digital gap and level the playing field for tourism SMEs.”

“The Tourism Exchange platform is an example of enabling at scale. It acts as a matchmaker by connecting suppliers with distributors and intermediaries to create packages attractive to a specific segment of tourists, then uses tourist engagement to provide further analytical insights to travel intermediaries.

This mechanism allows online travel agents to diversify their offerings by providing more experiences away from the beaten track. This adds to destination attractiveness and gives small suppliers better access to customers.

Governments that seize the opportunity to reimagine tourism operations and oversight will be well positioned to steer their national tourism industries safely into  the next normal, and set them up to thrive”

McKinsey – Margaux Constantin, Steve Saxon, and Jackey Yu

Tourism Exchange – a breakthrough technology for Australian tourism

“Tourism Exchange Australia is a world leading initiative and presents huge opportunities and benefits to Australian tourism. We’ve worked closely with V3, our TXA alliance partner, to bring the objective of an open, inclusive and commercially neutral distribution platform for the industry to reality. The technology and model puts Australian tourism in a strong position to respond quickly to new distribution opportunities”

Liz Ward, Ex CEO, Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

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